Therapeutic services to to adults

Languages: English & Spanish

Women’s College Hospital (Trauma Therapy Program and Women Recovering from
Abuse Program) – Assessment, treatment planning and counselling for adults survivors
of interpersonal childhood trauma. Provided individual time limited psychotherapy (26
sessions) to a diverse population of clients, co-facilitated various psychoeducational

groups on the impact of childhood trauma (i.e. Resourced and Resilient, Living in a Mindful
Body, Trauma education) as well as relational therapy groups for women, and
administered intake and assessment interviews. Attended trauma seminars and co-
facilitated other therapy groups offered by these programs (i.e. SpeakART, Own Your
Power, Building Resources, etc.). Received individual and group supervision on a weekly
basis. Toronto, Canada. September 2015 to September 2016. References available.

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