Chelsea McLean

Mental Health Counselor

Mental Health Counseling

Languages: English I have been working as a mental health counselor since 2019 and see a wide variety of clients. My approach is client-led and trauma informed. I integrate known counseling modalities such as DBT, CBT and narrative therapy, among other humanistic and integrative approaches. With a focus on easing what ails you, we will work together to process feelings of depression, overwhelm, anxiety or stress among others. I am currently completing my Master’s in Psychology after having been formerly trained in the Existential Integrative tradition. My style of counseling is psychodynamic and focuses on seeing each individual as a whole being. In doing so we may look at repeated patterns that emerge in life as a result of past trauma, delve deeper into the meaning behind your life story and work through current life stressors, all with the hope of you emerging feeling more aligned, validated and understood.

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